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January 2016

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Writer's Block: Interests and/or passions

Okay so basically, I felt like posting since it's been a while since I've done these but I wasn't interested in the Writer's Block questions which LJ had so I looked up featured questions on Xanga instead. haha

If you had the resources to set up something you have an interest or passion for what would you do?

Ahhh too many things!

I have and always will have a passion for music so I guess I would love to set up a band or some kinda weekly meet up with my friends. Most of us play an instrument so we can just jam. Or, we can just work out how to harmonise tunes and just chillax somewhere in the great outdoors with a good view and just sing. LOL. Once, I was on the train and there were 4 ppl who sat on the 6 seater near me. The train wasn't that full and they just started singing in harmony, it was beautiful!

Hm. I've recently developed an interest in photography so if I could get what I want, I'd get myself the Nikon D90 with a VR 18-105 lens and also the 35mm f/1.8 prime lens. Oh, and an additional flash of some kind (I don't know my flashes yet). Having said that, considering it's just a hobby, I'm happy with Canon. If I had the skill, or time to master the skill/s, I would love to be an event photographer. I want to learn how to take nice portraits and also how to take beautiful candids.

Oh yea, I also like cooking and I would love to be able to cater for functions. I think actual sit down dinners would be very challenging and I like to prepare things with a lot of attention to detail so maybe finger foods, like canapes to go with drinks! I can wear my Masterchef apron in the process of it all! =) But realistically, if someone wanted to prepare their own food for birthdays, I'd be more than happy to help out and prepare something yummy.

Also, I was and I guess still am interested (though will not anymore) in having a contact lens based practice which specialised in Ortho-K. It's because I am not as interested in dispensing and I guess I've always found Ortho K to be pretty exciting and fascinating. Now that I am switching, I am curious about the application of some things I've seen in optometry in my new field. I'm pretty sure others would have thought about this before but right now, not really sure how it would work so it's hard to articulate. There is plenty to learn over the next few years and I'm very excited.

Regardless of what I would want to set up, and whether or not such ideas are realistic, I hope to be able to share my interests with those around me. Otherwise, I apologise if I bore you with the things I'm constantly occupying my procrastination time with! haha